Live Track Your PUBG Matches, Rating and Rank

In the latest PUBG.ME update, you can now track your rating, rank and match stats.

All player pages now have a matches tab, this section displays a player's match history.

To track your account, use the new Live Tracker Tool while you play PUBG.

If you play PUBG without using the live tracker tool, your account will not be tracked. As a result, matches will be combined into a single row for the time you played without tracking. 

Match stats update once the game ends and someone wins, so if you die early in the game, you must wait for the full game to finish before you can see the stats.

There's a large number of players using the PUBG.ME tracker. If you encounter any issues with the tracker or the website, please reach out to us on our Discord Server or Twitter.

Thanks to everyone who helped test this feature over the past month,

See you in-game,