How to find the Steam profile of any PUBG player

Have you ever wanted to reconnect with a PUBG teammate after a match but can't find them on Steam?

In this guide, we'll cover how to find a player's Steam profile from their PUBG username.


When meeting new players in PUBG, make sure you take a screenshot of the game with Steam. Doing this saves an image showing the PUBG usernames for all of your teammates. If you're unsure of how to use the screenshot features in Steam, check out this support page: Saving a screenshot with Steam.


Once you have their PUBG username, search for them here on PUBG.ME.

On the player's profile page, you'll see a steam button, like in the image above.

This Steam button will either take you directly to the player's Steam profile OR to a list of potential profiles.

If the Steam button takes you to a list of potential profiles, compare the avatar pictures to find the right one!

And that's it! that's how you can find the Steam profile of any PUBG player.


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